Askom Counselling - Have the courage to be imperfect


Each of our British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (quoted from the BCACC website):

"1. is accountable for ethical practices under our standards of practice and code of ethics.

2. holds a minimum of a master’s degree or equivalent education.

3. has satisfied the clinical experience and supervision requirements that are part of our criteria for membership.

4. has submitted a clear criminal record check."

Our Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) team provides individual, couple, & family counselling at three locations:

*929 Main Street Lillooet

*Lytton Medical Clinic

*6700 Highway 12 halfway between Lillooet and Lytton

To book an appointment, telephone

*locally 250-256-4906

*toll free at 1-866-884-5990

*cell when in service range 1-778-209-0225

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